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Bitcoin Taxes

How is bitcoin taxed? Are bitcoin transactions taxable? Are bitcoin profits taxable? It depends. Tax regulations differ by country, and when it comes to Bitcoin taxes, they’re all over the map. Generally buying Bitcoin is not taxable in itself. But depending on where you are, you may be taxed if you sell Bitcoin at a […]


With the wide adoption of blockchain technology set to revolutionize capital markets, there is consensus on the need to increase the Bitcoin blockchain’s scalability. If Bitcoin is going to be a real-world alternative to the old-guard financial system, it will need to accommodate much higher transaction rates. That’s where the consensus ends. How to go […]

The number of big name merchants that accept Bitcoin, such as Overstock.com, Dish and Expedia, remains small. When you consider the centuries-old stranglehold the financial industry has on commerce, it’s easy to see why. Meanwhile, a quiet revolution is taking place. A growing number of smaller merchants are realizing the benefits of accepting Bitcoin. With […]