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Blockchain Payments: Our Destiny, Your Opportunity

Blockchain payments are the road ahead for SpicePay, and the journey has begun.

We have always been cryptocurrency multi-taskers, providing a variety of exchange services and (more recently) payment processing services, with an emphasis on Bitcoin. In the past year or so we expanded further into blockchain merchant services by popular demand, and demand keeps growing. Now it’s time to focus on what we do best: supporting secure, low-cost blockchain payment processing for merchants.

New blockchain merchant-centric website coming soon!

The new website will feature optimized payment transactions and incorporate a wider variety of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to provide an overall more robust platform for merchants to accept blockchain payments – and get in on all of the business opportunities that can open up. When it launches next month (we’ll keep you posted), the new website will allow blockchain merchants to accept the following cryptocurrencies, in addition to Bitcoin:

Litecoin (LTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
BitcoinCash (BCH)

We also plan to expand these options on a continual basis. Monero (XMR) and Ethereum Classic are already in the pipeline. The digital currencies we include are those that have sound technology and a solid user and developer base. Supporting them allows SpicePay to extend its services to different user communities.

Our mission has always been to bring together the best of what cryptocurrency has to offer, and this hasn’t changed. If you are not a merchant, you can still use your SpicePay wallet to send and receive bitcoins, and we welcome you to do so.

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