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buy bitcoin with a credit card

Where to buy Bitcoin with a credit card has been a persistent question in the Bitcoin community for some time. Understandably, people want the convenience. But most Bitcoin sellers have struggled with it. The number of bitcoin sellers that accept credit cards remains somewhat limited, because many still do not have the technology to protect […]

bitcoin payments

If you’re part of the SpicePay Merchant community, you know our bitcoin payment gateway lets you easily accept bitcoin payments from customers anywhere in the world. It’s safe, affordable, and rapidly being adopted. Now we’ve added some new options and fine-tuned the system for cashing out your bitcoin payments, manually or automatically. Here’s what’s new […]


If you have a website, affiliate marketing can be an easy way to earn extra money. Here’s how it works: You promote an online business by putting banner ads and links to it on your website. When someone clicks a link on your site and completes a transaction, you earn a percentage of the profit. […]