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What can the incredible price rallies of the recent past (and present) tell us about the future of Bitcoin? According to market watchers, they’re just the beginning of a stratospheric trajectory. Over the past year, the price of Bitcoin has surged a whopping 400%. In February, when the price hit $994, macroeconomist Yves Lamoureux of […]

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The price of Bitcoin had the BTC community buzzing when it soared to record highs topping $1000 just a few months ago. In March it reached $1300, until the scalability issue caused some tremors. After taking a dip, it climbed back up through most of April. (As of this writing, the price is $1550.) Now […]

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Lately we’ve seen the impact China can have on Bitcoin prices. Just when we were basking in record highs, a bout of volatility hit last week, sending the price down from about $920 to $768 on January 11. Bitcoin prices have since returned to stability. But what happened there? Market analysts point to Chinese regulatory […]

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The BTC price edged toward an all-time high last week, topping $1,100. While this peak was followed by a drop related to news out of China, 2016 was a year of highs, particularly in the past few months. The last time Bitcoin passed the $1,100 mark was in 2013, which begs comparison to last week’s […]

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Bitcoin payments could be much closer to going mainstream than many people think. The reason is not only that the list of merchants accepting bitcoin is growing by the minute. It is also because Bitcoin is maintaining a lower rate of volatility. In the past year, Bitcoin’s volatility rate has decreased substantially, from 4.9% at […]

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The Bitcoin price has reached heights not seen since 2014 in recent months. As 2016 draws to a close, all eyes are on it. Cryptocurrency prices are always a favorite Twitter topic for entrepreneur Vinny Lingham. For the uninitiated, he is one of the “sharks” on Shark Tank South Africa and one of bitcoin’s enthusiastic […]

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The bitcoin price has reached record highs lately, as geopolitical forces increasingly impact the bitcoin economy. Currency uncertainty, particularly in China and India, is stimulating dramatic increases in bitcoin transactions. Hence the soaring bitcoin price. We could be seeing the early rumblings of a greater upheaval to come – with the inauguration of U.S. President-Elect […]

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Bitcoin transactions are increasing significantly worldwide. The week of 20th November was the busiest ever. Here’s a snapshot of this peak timeframe: • Two million bitcoin transactions • Tens of thousands of transactions backlogged for confirmation • 333,466 transactions processed in a single day High demand is driving prices up. Way up. The bitcoin price […]


With more merchants accepting Bitcoin and consumers paying with Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies are becoming more legit by the minute. Like it or not, government bodies are beginning to accept the inevitable: They are part of the global financial system, and the old guard will have to deal with it. A group of U.S. regulators called the […]

CoinDesk’s 2016 State of Bitcoin and Blockchain report looks at key trends, data and events from 2015. While the biggest story has been the growing interest in blockchain technology, we at SpicePay are especially interested in the climate for Bitcoin merchants, so let’s zoom in on that. Starting with the big picture, Bitcoin and blockchain […]