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With more merchants accepting Bitcoin and consumers paying with Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies are becoming more legit by the minute. Like it or not, government bodies are beginning to accept the inevitable: They are part of the global financial system, and the old guard will have to deal with it. A group of U.S. regulators called the […]

CoinDesk’s 2016 State of Bitcoin and Blockchain report looks at key trends, data and events from 2015. While the biggest story has been the growing interest in blockchain technology, we at SpicePay are especially interested in the climate for Bitcoin merchants, so let’s zoom in on that. Starting with the big picture, Bitcoin and blockchain […]

IBM announced this month that it is committed to making blockchain technology “ready for business.” Big Blue is not the first to consider the wide-open possibilities of blockchain for business, but its participation has symbolic heft. IBM’s new initiatives focus on delivering blockchain-as-a-service for developers, and making the technology more suited for enterprises. Perhaps most […]

Apple FBI

The Apple-FBI battle is bringing the debate over digital privacy and encryption to a boil. Given that encryption protects Bitcoins, the case could have implications for encrypted Bitcoin wallets. Could we see a future in which citizens can be forced to hand over their Bitcoin private keys? The outcome could lead to this, in the […]

Bitcoin Taxes

How is bitcoin taxed? Are bitcoin transactions taxable? Are bitcoin profits taxable? It depends. Tax regulations differ by country, and when it comes to Bitcoin taxes, they’re all over the map. Generally buying Bitcoin is not taxable in itself. But depending on where you are, you may be taxed if you sell Bitcoin at a […]


With the wide adoption of blockchain technology set to revolutionize capital markets, there is consensus on the need to increase the Bitcoin blockchain’s scalability. If Bitcoin is going to be a real-world alternative to the old-guard financial system, it will need to accommodate much higher transaction rates. That’s where the consensus ends. How to go […]

The number of big name merchants that accept Bitcoin, such as Overstock.com, Dish and Expedia, remains small. When you consider the centuries-old stranglehold the financial industry has on commerce, it’s easy to see why. Meanwhile, a quiet revolution is taking place. A growing number of smaller merchants are realizing the benefits of accepting Bitcoin. With […]

As you may have heard, China is planning to launch its own digital currency. According to a statement from the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), China’s central bank, it has partnered with two major American entities, Citibank and Deloitte & Touche, to make it happen. Considering the potential impact on the Bitcoin economy, it’s worth […]

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon expressed a dim view of Bitcoin, echoing previous remarks that the world’s biggest cryptocurrency is “going nowhere.” In contrast, he was downright bullish toward the blockchain, which records all cryptocurrency transactions, suggesting that the technology could have broad applications to commerce and […]